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Anāmay Āshram

Anāmay Āshram


Volunteers needed

We expect the working guests to work for five hours a day. We provide three vegetarian meals and morning ayurvedic tea (no coffee or black tea). Normally we provide single rooms with bathroom. Every bathroom has hot water. If friends come together they can be in one room. Everyone is welcome to attend yoga and ayurveda classes.
The climate is mild all around the year. We are on about 6000 feet. Snow is rare (a few hours a year). Therefore gardening work in our organic greenhouses is always going on. Cows have to be attended. Different construction work and maintenance work can always need some help. Skills in artistic wall painting, aroma oils etc. are welcomed.
This photo shows Brazilian, Austrian and Indian volunteers (WWOOFers) at the Ashram.
Meleah wrote a review about her experience as a volunteer at our ashram.
In the following you see a video of two of our volunteers at work.

General information for volunteers and guests

Anamay Vedic Ashram is a Vedic School where boys are trained to become Vedic Experts. We have 40 to 50 students and 10 to 12 Acharyas (Vedic Teachers). All the students and teachers practice Transcendental Meditation and Yoga daily. Along with the Ashram are five acres of land for organic cultivation of vegetables and a dairy farm. There are a total of 25 guest rooms and an Ayurvedic Panchakarma Clinic. The ashram as well as the Anamay Vedic Retreat guest house is compley vegetarian, no alcoholic drinks or any kind of smoking is allowed on the entire campus. All guests that are coming here, whether they are paying guests or willing helpers, love to come here because they appreciate the silence, Vedic and yogic atmosphere, and the ancient Indian values and tradition.

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